Case Studies

See How Offshoring Can Work For You

One of the things we love most about what we do at HGS, is that no two businesses are the same and each of our clients has different needs and ways of achieving outsourcing success. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning and drives us to continually challenge ourselves and find innovative workforce solutions that make our clients’ businesses thrive in a global world.

We partner with businesses of all shapes and sizes and pride ourselves on finding the best offshoring solution to achieve business success – however that is defined.

Here are a few examples of the difference HGS has made to our clients’ businesses through the successful execution of our tailored offshoring solutions.

Major Fast Food Franchise

HGS was approached by a major fast food franchise to investigate offshoring specific back office tasks. In a rapidly changing and dynamic sector, and with the breaking down of digital communication barriers, competition has never been so fierce. Customers expect excellent service and great value while maintaining a high quality product.

Travel Services Provider

A leading travel services provider utilised an outsourcing model for all of their data entry requirements for travel bookings. This approach worked in the early stages of their business, however, as things scaled up, the performance of their outsourcing service provider did not follow suit. As the volume of customers increased, they began to experience a range of issues with business continuity, staff turnover, and customer service. These issues caused the business to reconsider their approach and assess whether outsourcing was the right option for their business.

Construction Company

A medium sized fit-out construction company was experiencing a period of exceptional growth. They found that they were simply unable to keep up with the volume of work coming through from existing clients. This capacity issue meant they were unable to focus on winning new business and onboarding new customers.