Your Offshore Administrative Support Team

Administrative Roles

Outsourcing administrative roles can enable companies to focus on key business functions and priorities. Offshore administrative teams are able to provide quality back-office support through delivering error-free correspondence and other forms of communication. Many businesses with successful offshore administrative teams experience major cost savings while also benefiting from improved quality and efficiency.

Data Entry Specialist

A Data Entry Specialist inputs data from various source documents into a computer system for storage, processing, and data management purposes. The role can also include updating, encoding, and verifying information on digital systems, databases, and archives, which are essential duties to maintain data integrity and ensure your business information remains accurate, up-to-date and usable for financial analyses.

Administrative Assistant

An Administrative Assistant can provide a wide range of services such as secretarial, administrative, creative, or technical. A Virtual Assistant can handle all administrative tasks like answering phone calls, emailing correspondence, preparing meeting minutes, managing and maintaining appointments and schedules, executing written and verbal instructions, and any other administrative business service that may be required.


A Transcriptionist transcribes content from an audio or video file (such as voice messages/recordings) and types the spoken content verbatim into a written transcript to create an account of that file and transforms it into actual content. Apart from transcribing content, their work can also include proof-reading, formatting, and editing, while working to deadlines to create high-quality, error-free communications.