Market-Leading Team Management Portal

One of the most common outsourcing concerns our clients raise with us is the ability to successfully manage an offshore team and ensure they become an integrated part of the business. To support our clients, we developed our own proprietary staff management tool, MyDiversify.

MyDiversify provides our clients with complete control over their offshore team’s recruitment, training, workload and performance. The interactive, real-time database enables our clients to monitor various productivity statistics and KPIs, as well as access reports and communications to manage and maintain their business’ processes, policies and systems.

Just let us know which of your local staff members will be assigned management responsibility for your offshore team, and we will provide them with the support they need to successfully manage their team and build an engaged, high-performance team offshore.

Our MyDiversify platform allowed us to seamlessly move to a work from home model with appropriate productivity check points in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and consequential Government mandated work from home arrangements.

The MYDiversify platform allows our clients to:

Track your offshore team members’ attendance

Screen capture technology

Daily end of day reporting

Maintain all your key outsourcing documents including offshore services agreements and employment contracts

Access your offshore team members’ personal information including contact details and salary information

Operate 24-hour / 7 days a week, real-time offshore office cameras

Stay up-to-date with the status of any active offshore recruitment

Access all offshore team training materials and modules

Conduct performance reviews

Monitor and approve your offshore team’s leave requests

Log support tickets for HGS’s helpdesk support, recruitment and training

Set-up offshore team member time recording to track outsourcing efficiency and productivity

Fully integrated payroll and billing modules to ensure 100% accuracy on all invoices