Engineering & Drafting Roles

Your Offshore Engineering & Drafting Team

Engineering & Drafting Roles

At first, outsourcing engineering and drafting roles may not seem plausible, especially considering the hands-on approach their work often requires. However, as a result of continued advances in technology and the continued mainstream acceptance of outsourcing, companies are now able to access engineers and draftspeople to utilise their skills in a diverse number of ways. Your offshore engineering and drafting teams can handle all document work and provide valuable problem-solving insights to empower your local building and construction teams and enable them to focus on more direct revenue-generating strategies.

CAD Designer

CAD (Computer Aided Design) software is used by engineers, drafters, architects and designers to create precision drawings or technical illustrations. A CAD Designer is responsible for creating these 2D or 3D drawings, models, maps and illustrations based on approved details. The role requires creativity, strong attention to detail and specific technical skills.

Architectural Draftsman

Architectural drafters review and analyse specifications and propose other project-related ideas. In addition to these tasks, architectural drafters create estimates for materials, revise construction plans, and make modifications based on project needs and company resources. They also provide improvement recommendations for current buildings.