Benefits Of Offshoring

Here’s Why Companies Like Yours Can Offshore

Full Control Over Recruitment and Hiring Decisions

We’ll help you find the best people for your offshore team. HGS will undertake an extensive employee search and screening, then provide you with the candidates that are the cream of the crop so you can cherry-pick the very best talent from which to build your ideal offshore workforce.

Our rigorous recruitment process focuses on five critical areas for offshore staff selection, onboarding, and development:

Work History
Skills and Ability
Career Prospects
Our screening processes include standard and tailored role-specific testing to ensure every potential candidate has the capability and expertise to perform the tasks you need them to do, as well as the attitude and values that align with your business and corporate culture.

We know that outsourcing success starts with good people who will form strong teams that integrate seamlessly into your existing business. So we put a lot of care, consideration and old fashioned fashion hard work into getting this first step absolutely right.

Direct Managerial Control Over Your Offshore Team

Through years of experience, we have perfected the art of offshoring to enable our clients’ processes, policies, vision, and values to blend seamlessly across their offshore and onshore offices. Despite the distance, our offshore teams function and perform just as well as other parts of our clients’ businesses (if not better!) and are managed directly by you as an integrated part of your normal operations.

To support our clients in effectively managing their offshore teams, HGS has developed our own proprietary employee management tool, MyDiversify. MyDiversify provides local managers with complete control over their offshore team’s recruitment, training, workload, and performance. The interactive, real-time database enables you to monitor various productivity statistics and KPIs, as well as access reports and communications to successfully manage your offshore team.

HGS also provides ongoing, on-the-ground operations and management support to ensure your offshore team reaches its potential and achieves your strategic business goals. This includes equipping your offshore team with everything they need to perform at their best including state-of-the-art IT facilities, advanced infrastructure, and vibrant and engaging work environments.

Transparent Costs and Service Fees

Developing a successful outsourcing strategy will drive business growth by improving your bottom line through operational efficiency. At HGS, we want you to get the full benefit of this value by helping you achieve your specific business goals smarter and faster.

We offer an end-to-end offshoring service that includes recruitment, HR, IT, infrastructure, employee engagement, and team management and support. We pride ourselves on service delivery excellence and that includes an excellent value for money. To demonstrate this, our pricing is transparent and straightforward. All of our costs are detailed so there’s no surprises or hidden fees, making it crystal clear for you to see exactly how much value you’re getting when you outsource with HGS.

To make it even easier, we provide you with real-time access to an integrated billing and finance platform detailing salary, productivity, and performance information to ensure you feel in control and in the know at all times. It’s just another part of the HGS Difference.

Continuous Performance Enhancement Training

HGS’s involvement doesn’t stop once your offshore team is up and running. As your offshore solutions partner, we remain invested in your business for the long term. We are committed to ensuring your offshore staff remains engaged and happy at work while delivering what your business needs.

We work with our clients to develop and deliver a tailored and comprehensive induction program so your offshore team understands from the outset their role and responsibilities, as well as the ins and outs of your business including your vision, values, and goals.

We then support your offshore staff throughout their employment by offering continuous professional development and specialist performance enhancement training opportunities.

By equipping our offshore teams with the knowledge and skills they need to perform at their best, we help build talented, high-performance offshore teams and a happier, sustainable global workforce.

At HGS, it’s all in a day’s work!

High Employee Retention Rate

At HGS, we are people-focused and process-driven. We pride ourselves on finding the best people to deliver our clients’ business needs offshore and then build long-term relationships with them to ensure they not only achieve your business goals but reach their own personal potential and love what they do every day.

Our commitment to ensuring our offshore teams’ success and job satisfaction is reflected in our industry-high overall employee retention rates. For back-office staff, our annual retention rate is in excess of 98% p/a and for customer service staff it is in excess of 90% p/a.

We know that finding good people and treating them well is the key to a successful business and that like-minded people and teams can achieve extraordinary things.

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