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IT Services Roles

A company’s online identity is often the first point of contact for many new and potential customers. In today’s digital world, it is just as important to maintain positive online interactions with customers as it is face-to-face experiences. From web and mobile app development to quality assurance and software testing, having an offshore IT team that delivers specialised IT functions such as software development, programming or scripting languages, bug fixes, code testing, and database management, can complement the capabilities of your own onshore IT team and enhance your business’ digital potential.

Full Stack .net Developer

A .net Developer understands both the front-end and back-end requirements to build cutting-edge web applications using the components of .net programming. The role is involved in the full systems development life cycle including application architecture, modifying the input and site layout/user interface, database programming, and writing and implementing software programming applications and compo-financial analyses.

Mobile Applications Developer

The Mobile Applications Developer is responsible for the development and maintenance of applications aimed at a range of iOS/Android devices including mobile phones and tablet computers. These roles also focus on how iOS/Android applications can integrate with back-end services and will work alongside other engineers and developers to optimise different layers of your IT infrastructure.