Five Essential IT Functions You Can Outsource

19 Aug 2020

It should come as no surprise that IT functions are often what companies look to outsource first. In the history of outsourcing (and the BPO industry by extension), IT functions were among the first roles remote teams got to adopt. 

In the years since, both the BPO industry and IT roles have evolved. What began as just providing in-office support branched out into more facets that help a company online. As the changes came, so did the challenges. For one thing, companies will talk about how it can end up being a costly endeavor and not something that can be done occasionally. Outsourcing, therefore, becomes a much more viable alternative. Companies looking to strengthen their IT needs can get the results they need at a lesser cost with remote teams. 

Essential IT Functions to Outsource

With the evolution of today’s business climate, the range of IT functions companies can outsource also grew. With more objectives being met at a more rapid rate, outsourcing newer functions was inevitable.

Here are five vital IT functions that your business should consider sending to an outsourcing provider.

Software Development

Software development is a sought-after IT function by companies. An outsourced software developer lets companies work with experienced professionals cost-effectively. What’s more, they also help reduce risks, allow for more flexibility, and develop focused strategies. If there is a lack of local or in-house experience, outsourced software development can be a great boon for any company.

Web Design and Development

It cannot be overstated just how important web development is for companies. As more people today are browsing online, it is essential that a company’s online presence stands out. To be quite frank, companies that do not have a defined presence online and just rely on their social media reach will fall behind. Working with an experienced web designer not only makes sure you stand out, but can at a reduced cost.

Web and software developers are the backbone of a company’s online presence.

While a website’s presentation is important, so is the overall functionality. A business’ website may have all the content and branding it needs to win people over. However, if it is constantly plagued by errors or does not properly display on mobile devices, potential customers and clients will react negatively.

Email management

There is often a misconception that email management just means filtering out spam or automating responses when needed. For some companies, Managing an entire email account may not even be on their list. As stated earlier, however, the rapid rate of today’s business environment means a high volume stream of emails daily.

By outsourcing email management, you not only address the daily queries that your company gets, but a well-equipped outsourced IT team offers protection against common digital attacks. They can organize cluttered inboxes and can also provide regular reporting of high-priority messages.

Managed hosting

As a business grows, so should the IT infrastructure that scales along with them. Experienced outsourcing providers are able to scale any IT infrastructure required of them. This is especially the case when there is a need for dedicated servers beyond their local office. 

Through outsourced managed hosting, companies can also access and use a shared exclusive server with protections in place. By doing this, your hosting providers can adjust their infrastructure based on particular conditions at any time. You anticipate when massive influxes are coming into your website, then scaling back to a more manageable approach.

Data center outsourcing

Most third-party outsourcing providers offer data processing and resources for companies. This is often the case when the company’s own IT department is unable to handle it. From data collection to data storage and backup, maintenance, and updates, having a trained staff on hand can help ease the processes that come with data center outsourcing.

Keeping Your Business Competitive

The number of outsourced IT functions will only grow and develop as technology gets better. As a cost-saving approach, outsourcing is second to none, especially when it comes to its IT roots. More than that, companies that opt to outsource will be collaborating with an experienced provider that can meet their goals.

HGS is fully equipped to handle IT functions ready to be outsourced with teams that can take on these responsibilities. Contact us today to get started.

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