Why Philippines?

An Ideal Outsourcing Destination

Why the Philippines?

We’ll admit it, we’re perfectionists at HGS. So, when it comes to developing a successful outsourcing strategy, the location has to be perfect. We’ve searched across the globe – from east to west and north to south – to find an offshoring destination that ticks all the boxes needed for exceptional outsourcing success. But we’ve only found one location that is the clear winner and stands out from all the rest – the Philippines.

As a premium offshoring location, the Philippines can’t be faulted. Here’s a few reasons why.

Language is No Barrier

94% of the Filipino population speaks English. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world and ranks second in Asia in the EF English Proficiency Index, which ranks countries and regions across the globe by the level of their English language skills. English is so widely spoken that it’s acknowledged as one of the nation’s official languages in the country’s constitution!

Cultural Compatibility

Having been an American colony for almost 50 years, the Philippines has been strongly influenced by western society and beliefs, particularly when compared to other Asian countries. This has resulted in the Filipino people’s lifestyle and business culture being closely aligned to that of western countries. Which means, it’s not just easy to do business in the Philippines, there is also very little difference in the attitudes, values, and way of life of Filipinos to that of Australians, New Zealanders, Americans, Europeans or Canadians.

High Standard of Education

The Philippines’ system of education is modeled on the American structure and there are more than 600,000 Filipino university graduates each year across a diverse range of disciplines. This provides businesses with a highly educated and skilled talent pool from which to build smart and effective offshore teams.


Wages and living costs in the Philippines are much lower than those of most western countries. Average Filipino wages are generally one-fifth of the salaries paid in the western world for comparable roles, making offshoring in the Philippines a cost-effective workforce solution. While we still encourage our clients to treat their offshore teams well to ensure their staff feel happy at work and remain loyal and productive employees, offshoring is a smarter, more cost-efficient way to do business in our modern, globalised world.

Empowered Business

The business districts of the Philippines boast highly developed IT and telecommunication infrastructure. The capital city of Manila also offers excellent hotel and accommodation options, restaurants, retail precincts, and most importantly, close and easy access to the international airport. The region’s high-end facilities and amenities enable our clients to operate their businesses seamlessly between their offshore and onshore teams.

Successful Track Record as an Offshoring Destination

Major global companies have been successfully operating in the Philippines for over 30 years, cementing the country’s reputation as a world leader in business outsourcing. In its 2019 study, Tholons – a strategic advisory firm which produces an annual report that ranks the world’s major outsourcing locations – ranked the Philippines among the top five destinations in the world for offshoring and outsourcing generally; and among the top three countries worldwide when assessed on its outsourcing talent, skill and quality specifically.

Strong Government Support

The Philippine economy is stable with steady growth and high GDP. There is also strong support from the Philippine Government to invest in business and employment opportunities, with the offshoring industry considered one of the Government’s 10 high-potential and priority development areas.

Need further convincing?