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Work To Give

We’re an ambitious bunch at HGS OSS – not only are we dedicated to creating a happier, more sustainable global workforce, we are also committed to contributing to a happier, more sustainable world.

We demonstrate this commitment in a variety of ways throughout the year by partnering with charities and causes close to our teams’ hearts. Even our monthly huddles (which are intended to be team bonding and recognition events) sometimes serve as fundraisers for worthy events that our passionate teams support.

From raising much needed funds for the Bahay ni Maria Orphanage that cares for abandoned and homeless girls in Makati, to supporting Filipinos with congenital heart defects through the community group Busilak PH, the HGS team is intent on giving back to the community.

As well as being socially conscious, our teams are also very environmentally focused. Our company-wide Live Green initiative encourages everyone to make more environmentally friendly decisions and be more aware of their use of resources. In 2018, HGS helped contribute to The Plastic Solution, a movement dedicated to sustainability through repurposing loose plastics into ‘ecobricks’ for use in construction. The team donated over 250 ecobricks, which they collected and created over four months.

So when you partner with HGS OSS, you’re not just getting a team that’s good at their work, you’re also getting a team of good people.