Learn how a reputable commercial fit-out company used offshore quantity surveyors and CAD draftsmen to increase capacity and drive their growth.

A medium-sized fit-out construction company were experiencing a period of exceptional growth. They were finding that they were simply unable to keep up with the volume of work coming through from existing clients. This capacity issue meant they were unable to focus on winning new business and onboarding new customers.

The company discovered that highly paid and highly skilled estimators and draftsmen were spending too much time on labour and process-intensive construction documents. Due to the considerable time and administration involved, they were unable to service existing clients to the level they wanted and also focus on growing the business.

They looked at sourcing the roles locally and found not only a skills shortage but also found that the wage costs were quite prohibitive. In order to meet the demand, they needed a number of roles which, given salary constraints, they would not have been able to achieve locally.

As a result, they looked to offshoring to assist with the compilation and preparation of construction documents (bill of quantities, marking up plans, etc.). HGS worked closely with the client to understand the business from the ground up and assess which key processes and procedures could be offshored.
As a result, HGS successfully identified the key functions that could be replaced and worked with the company. A number of services were offshored which allowed local estimators and quantity surveyors to service their clients and undertake business development and marketing activities aligned with growth initiatives.

The company was able to service existing clients successfully and also bring on new business. They are meeting their growth objectives head-on and will be in a position to recruit highly-skilled, local quantity surveyors and estimators to increase capacity and capability.

The offshore approach proved very successful, and they have successfully offshored other essential functions including finance and marketing roles.

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