Discover how a leading travel services provider leveraged the power of offshore employees to manage the booking process and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

A leading travel services provider had adopted an outsourcing model for all of their data entry requirements, more specifically, travel bookings. This approach worked for the business in the early stages of their business. However, as the business scaled up their service experience with their outsource service provider did not and they began to experience a range of business continuity, turnover, and customer service issues. These issues caused the business to reconsider their approach and assess whether outsourcing was the right option for their business.

This led them to assess an offshore approach.

Rather than outsource their requirements to a third party who then assigned the work to employees based on a priority basis, the business would, through a third-party, hire a team of full-time employees for their exclusive use.
Instead of having outsourced contractors performing the data entry tasks, they’d have a team of full-time employees, 100% committed to their business. These employees would be able to understand the business from the ground up and become value-adding members of the team; an extension of their local workforce. Ultimately, the decision to go with an offshore workforce would give them more direct control over their offshore team members.

The company engaged HGS to assist in the adoption of its offshore approach. As an end-to-end provider of offshore solutions, HGS worked with the organisation to understand the landscape from the ground up and design the required offshore strategy and how to execute it effectively.

As a result of this approach to strategy development and execution, HGS was able to facilitate the recruitment of 10 data entry employees and business analysts and the relocation of the existing team of 10 from the outsourcing provider.
For the newly recruited staff this encompassed the full spectrum of the recruitment and onboarding process; from role briefing and position description, candidate profiling, and searching, endorsement, and interviews through to selection, calibration, and activation. We worked closely with the client to identify the staff members with not only the best skillsets but also that they were a cultural fit.

HGS also assisted the client with the full integration and change management process. The transition from an outsourced approach to an offshore one can be fairly complex. We assisted the client in navigating this process successfully and without issue. The change management process encompassed instructor-led, and online training, and HGS assisted the client with implementing an entirely new framework.

Selecting, integrating, and training are just some steps in the full process. Once HGS had assisted the client in launching their offshore program successfully, keeping their offshore teams engaged was another aspect they had to consider. As an extension of their local workforce, and potentially long-term employees of their business, retention is critical. HGS places a huge emphasis on culture building and professional development. As such, all offshore team members have access to a rich and diverse culture and professional development program in the Philippines. This ground-level program, alongside the client’s initiatives, kept their employees highly engaged resulting in a happy and fulfilled, long-term workforce with much lower staff turnover than had been previously experienced.

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