Discover how a leading fast food franchise realised the power of a multi-functional offshore team.

A major fast food franchise approached HGS to investigate offshoring specific back office tasks. In a rapidly changing and dynamic sector, and with the breaking down of digital communication barriers, competition has never been so fierce. Customers are expecting excellent service and great value without the quality of the product being compromised.

HGS was engaged to undertake a full review of the company structure to try and identify the key roles which could be offshored effectively. This review involved a detailed process and procedure review, position description review, and offshore readiness assessment. The company was concerned about perception and the impact of offshoring on its local workforce, however, realised that they did need to adapt to grow.

As a result, HGS identified key tasks, across critical back-office services, which could be effectively offshored without impacting on local employees. The tasks identified were the ones which were considered to be process or labour intensive and could be administered efficiently by offshore team members.

By offshoring these functions, local employees were able to focus on the main growth initiatives, providing exceptional customer service and were also able to be upskilled. The company realised the benefits that offshoring could deliver in addition to the significant cost savings and increased competitiveness.

It is important to remember that the success of offshore programs is dependent on the processes and procedures that underpin them. HGS assisted the franchise in assessing whether or not the processes working effectively at a local level. Any processes that were identified as not being optimal were re-assessed and re-engineered.

HGS works with organisations to ensure they are prepared for an extension of their workforce via offshore teams. Not only did we work with the client to recruit, onboard and implement their offshore programs, we assisted them with change management.
Ultimately, we assisted the client in successfully adapting to an offshore model and they are now reaping the benefits of a global, flexible workforce. Not only that, local employees are now aware of the value offshore teams can play in enabling and empowering them to do more and be more.

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